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Aimagest BJ Insulating, we install WALLTITE®, a premium, eco-friendly product that fulfills the factors of a well-insulated home. When it comes to insulation, no competing product can compare to the features of spray foam. WALLTITE® is a polyurethane spray foam that expands 30-50 times when it is installed. A closed-cell structure, the spray foam provides an air and vapour barrier which prevents drafts and keeps the heat inside your home. WALLTITE® is an environmental friendly, high performance, insulation air barrier system. WALLTITE® is the first medium density polyurethane to earn the Eco Logo certification, one of the most widely recognized environmental certifications in North America. It has been awarded the GREENGUARD Children & Schools certification for indoor air quality, thus ensuring optimal occupant comfort and safety. Leadership In Energy& Environmental Design (LEED) recognizes the Green guard certification.


The current insulation of choice is batt insulation, which relies on entrapped air to insulate you home. Furnaces typically use fiberglass filters. Wind blows through them but the dust and pollutants are trapped. Thus, when it’s -20 C outside, that cold air is infiltrating your wall cavity and stealing heat energy out of your house. The batt insulation has very little air-barrier qualities, relying on the vapour barrier to act as an air barrier. Building science has developed tremendously over the last 50 years, culminating in the perfection of foam insulation as the only sensible option for today’s challenges.

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It hardly needs to be said that WALLTITE® exceeds the national building code.